Introduction to a New Year, a New You, and This Website

After entering into my 30’s, I realized that there were a lot of common themes between men and women. I was reading many websites about traditional lifestyles and values; finding enjoyment out of keeping my home clean, and feeling rather passionately about certain ways we cope with relationships and how the overall feel of our world has changed alongside our learned and taught approaches to relationships. Divorce rates on the rise–something I am a statistic of. Single moms are on the rise–something I was previously on my own accord after leaving my first marriage.

I really had to stop and think “Why?” Why is this happening? I found many resources online and offline all of which with the same general theme of returning back to more traditional ways of being.

This doesn’t necessarily pertain only to men being the financial providers and women being the caretakers and homemakers, but the way in which those roles are fulfilled really gives a giant view into how marriages used to last forever.

I hope you will join me on this journey as I relay this information to you through this websites’ articles, blog posts, and videos.

I am a 33-year-old mother. I had two children in my first marriage and went into my second marriage gaining a stepchild. Last year, we welcomed our first “blended baby,” completing our family in a very non-traditional way. We have had our ups and our downs, but we manage to work through them by honing our skills at being who nature intended us to be!

Stay tuned for homemaking tips, how to embrace your feminine side, tips on relinquishing control over frivolous issues, learning to trust your man… After properly vetting your man (Bring back vetting), look at feminism and how it may have contributed to our depressive state, and how parenting can be a calm and gentle journey.

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