New Article: What Women Want

In my last blog post, I briefly skimmed on introspection and how important it is in the journey of self improvement. Growing up, I heard so many women be labelled gold diggers for going after men of a higher status or those with high income potential. I was offended at this statement! It wasn’t until I was a little older that I realized that it is most certainly in our benefit to go after men who are good providers.

Being the gatekeepers to life, we are more attracted to partners who would be able to support us and any potential offspring. It is simple biology, much to the dismay of younger me, to want this. The ways in which a man can be a provider to a woman are countless, and a man certainly doesn’t have to be the breadwinner of a relationship. Many great relationships are ones where the woman is actually the financial provider. There are no hard, steadfast rules in the realm of love, after all!

What makes a woman a gold digger, however, is the inability to be humble and appreciative of what their partner is offering to them. They are not owed any gold, period. Taking advantage of a man for his money or socioeconomic status is nothing short of disturbing behaviour.

I digress. The article I’ve written is about what women are attracted to. I don’t think many people will be surprised with the results!

Click here to read the article “What Women Want… According to Science

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