Increase Your Attractiveness in 5 Easy Steps

A couple of things I would like to note: First, attractiveness is subjective and secondly, physical attractiveness fades with time. As such, one must be attractive in their personality as well as their external appearance.

How can one improve their attractiveness? There are a few habits that you can develop starting today to help make yourself more confident and feel better about yourself, which lends itself to being more attractive to others!

Let’s begin.

  1. Drink a Lot of Water. Drinking water can help give you more energy, allowing you to get more accomplished and to feel better about yourself. It helps your health and it helps plump up your skin, reducing fine lines and bringing back some youth to your skin.
  2. Get Enough Sleep. Do you see how the theme is self care? Physically, you need to take care of yourself. For your health! Getting enough sleep helps you ward off illnesses, reduces stress, helps your mood, and reduces the appearance of bags under your eyes and dark circles.
  3. Hone Your Hairstyle. The key to a polished look and being more attractive overall is to have a flattering haircut and a go-to hairstyle. With the help of a hairdresser, find a cut that suits your face best, then experiment with different ways to style your hair. Find one that works really well and practice, practice, practice. Before you know it, you will be styling your hair within minutes.
  4. Love Your Skin. Exfoliate, eat well, moisturize, tone… There is so much to learn about skin care.I highly recommend checking out the YouTube channel to Dr. Dray, a dermatologist who posts very helpful videos about skincare! Also be sure to check out the Skin Care Addicts subreddit.
  5. Plan Your Wardrobe. Plan our your clothes the night before so that you know you are dressing well and don’t have to rush through multiple wardrobe changes before finally selecting one. Easy peasy!

What are your tips?